Kodak Fire

Kodak stock currently trades at $2 a share.


This is going to sound like ancient history but there was a time when people used software to edit, share, and print digital photos. You took a picture with a digital camera and then you plugged your camera into your computer.

At the time, Google Picasa was the most popular tool. Kodak wanted in on that market. They make digital cameras, good digital cameras, and it made sense for them to provide photo management software.

Research for this project mostly involved competitive benchmarking. Kodak Fire needed to do everything Picasa could do. HP, Microsoft, and Apple also had photo management software at the time. We researched them extensively.

Kodak has a strong brand and Fire embraced it. Once we mapped out functionality and designed a flow through the key features, we established a few screen types that could be used across the platform. We specced these page types for engineers at Kodak and built a Flash prototype. I told you this was ancient history.

Screen Types

Kodak Fire Kodak Fire Kodak Fire Kodak Fire


Kodak Fire Kodak Fire Kodak Fire Kodak Fire Matthew Stevens