As the product design industry continues to grow, career options specialize. There are five different paths for you, many with multiple names.

UX Designer (Interaction Designer or Product Designer) - UX designers are the jacks of all trades: while they may not specialize in any single aspect of the industry, they can execute all stages of the design process. UX designers are concerned with how applications work and focus their attention on a user's interactions with your product's interface.

UI Designer (Visual Designer) - UI designers are more concerned with how applications look, focusing on visual aspects like color, typography, iconography, and composition.

UX Researcher (Usability Analyst) - A UX researcher specializes in understanding user behaviors, needs, motivations, and pain points, analyzing data from qualitative and quantitative insights gained through user interviews, usability testing, and surveys.

UX Writer (Content Designer) - While traditionally the job of a UX designer, dedicated UX writers are increasingly sought-after because written text plays a vital part in a product's overall user experience. UX writers craft concise, user-friendly copy to simplify a user's journey.

Information Architect - A fancy-sounding title, information architects are usually only found on substantial design teams. Information architects make products understandable and easy to navigate by creating journey maps, user flows, wireframes, and information architecture diagrams.