SAS Analytics Platform

SAS wisely broke this effort into three different products.


SAS Analytics Platform went through about 94 different iterations and variations. In retrospect, I think it struggled with trying to do too much. It allows users to do three different analytical operations in the same place: forecasting, text analytics, and predictive modeling. I was the lead designer but there were three of us working simultaneously, along with three engineering teams, two of which were remote, and three different product managers. Whew.

I learned a lot on this project. I learned about communicating design ideas with unfamiliar audiences. I learned about managing and accommodating competing opinions. I learned about designing for scale. And I learned about design thinking.

The screens below are not the same as the prototype version but help demonstrate some of the variation.


SAS Analytics Platform


SAS Analytics Platform SAS Analytics Platform SAS Analytics Platform SAS Analytics Platform


Matthew Stevens