NYRB Classics

Year Author Title
1962 J. F. Powers Morte D'Urban
1988 J. F. Powers Wheat That Springeth Green
1966 Leonardo Sciascia To Each His Own
1988 Upamanyu Chatterjee English, August
1962 Dorothy Baker Cassandra at the Wedding
1972 Jean-Patrick Manchette The Mad and the Bad
1969 J. R. Ackerley My Father and Myself
1831 Honoré de Balzac The Unknown Masterpiece
1977 Caroline Blackwood Great Granny Webster
1974 Eve Babitz Eve's Hollywood
1958 Randall Jarrell Randall Jarrell's Book of Stories
1968 Norman Mailer Miami and the Siege of Chicago
1981 Molly Keane Good Behaviour
1965 J. R. Ackerley My Dog Tulip
1966 Don Carpenter Hard Rain Falling
1967 J.A. Baker The Peregrine
1957 Ernst Junger The Glass Bees
1949 Cesare Pavese The Moon and the Bonfires
1979 Elizabeth Hardwick Sleepless Nights
1976 Renata Adler Speedboat
1960 J. R. Ackerley We Think the World of You
1953 Elliott Chaze Black Wings Has My Angel
1987 Magda Szabo The Door
2002 Mavis Gallant Paris Stories
1938 Charles Duff A Handbook on Hanging
1953 L.P. Hartley The Go-Between
1977 Darcy O’Brien A Way of Life, Like Any Other
1960 Alberto Moravia Boredom
1978 James Schuyler What’s for Dinner?
1940 Glenway Wescott The Pilgrim Hawk
1967 Evan S. Connell The Diary of a Rapist
1980 J. L. Carr A Month in the Country
1965 John Williams Stoner
1935 Ivy Compton-Burnett A House and Its Head
1898 Italo Svevo As a Man Grows Older
1959 Barbara Comyns The Vet’s Daughter
1984 Janet Malcolm In the Freud Archives
1971 Kingsley Amis Girl, 20
2007 Patrick Modiano In the Café of Lost Youth
1963 Edward Lewis Wallant The Tenants of Moonbloom
1955 Maria Dermout The Ten Thousand Things
1952 Georges Simenon Monsieur Monde Vanishes
1946 William Lindsay Gresham Nightmare Alley
1976 Lucille Clifton Generations
1982 Robert Walser Selected Stories
1967 Malcolm Braly On the Yard
1969 Leonard Gardner Fat City
1946 Georges Simenon Three Bedrooms in Manhattan
1972 Peter Handke A Sorrow Beyond Dreams
1948 Georges Simenon Dirty Snow
1946 Kenneth Fearing The Big Clock
1939 Geoffrey Household Rogue Male
1956 Antonio di Benedetto Zama
1971 Elizabeth Taylor Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
2003 Ross Feld Guston in Time